Walking with God while Walking Your Dog

A golden carpet of autumn leaves greeted me this morning as I entered the forest with Lucy. My early morning fogginess moved to the side as my soul awakened to the awareness of God.  Early morning walks refresh my body, mind and spirit.



During these early morning walks I realize there is a precious connection happening.  My walks are like a metaphor of life. There is a path that winds through obstacles and moments of beauty.  Each step I take is a moving prayer. My thoughts move to the rhythm of my steps. The comfort of bird song and breeze causes me to open up to God about what is happening in my life. In the solitude of the forest I seek wisdom for whatever might be coming up for me on that day. Often, as I pray and walk, I become filled with the sense of God’s presence. This fulfilling gives me assurance that anything the day enfolds I will be guided lovingly through it.


I love God. I love my dog. I love the solace of the 100-acre wood.

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