Summer Watercolors from my Garden

This summer I challenged myself to create at least two watercolors per week. It was fun to scan the garden to find what would tickle my eye.  In my Pacific Northwest garden there are herbs, flowers, native plants, yummy edibles, and adorable wild life.  Beauty all around me.

Seeing a baby fawn enlivens my creative spirit.


Gathering a bouquet of wildflowers in the early morning brightens the day.


Brushing my hand gently against rosemary or lavender awakens my senses.


Each painting is only 6 x 6″. Using this size took the pressure off of me for creating a full size illustration. By the beginning of September there were 30 new watercolors. It was surprising to find so many delightful snippets by the end of the summer. It seems that my brush strokes are relaxed and free. Easy just like a summer breeze.




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2 comments on “Summer Watercolors from my Garden
  1. paige says:

    Love this and all the feelings your writing and paintings evoke! Thank you for sharing.

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