Sir Robin

I know, I know…my creative, little gray cells went wild when creating Sir Robin.

This is my latest submission to Somerset Studio magazine. Being a nature artist, I started out the process for creating a Robin’s Egg Blue piece in a predictable safe manor. Then I found this robin wall decoration while purging some of my old teaching files (Yes, this might be considered vintage. I think I was putting this up on my kindergarten class wall in 1984).

In a flurry of robin’s egg blue I pulled embellishments and painted papers from my art studio stash. It was fun to dress Sir Robin like an altered paper doll. His bloomers and pocket watch are that beautiful color of blue green. Bright yellow green pops next to robin’s egg blue. Purple and orange add extra snap.

A variety of surface methods were used on the painted papers. An ink roller, dipped in acrylics, was rolled over cardboard to make the bloomers. The ascot was created from layering liquid acrylics with stencils. His magnificent crown was created by adding surface texture with everyday objects on painted papers in a variety of vibrant colors. An antique quilt square, vintage lace and a bright green button were applied. Don’t you think they gave Sir Robin that certain flair of soigne.

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