Pam HolladayI am a painter, creator of nature sketch journals, and author of Garden Letters: Unplugging to Connect with Nature. My garden is my inspiration.  Sitting on the mossy garden wall, while listening to the sounds of croaking frogs and the fluttering of bird wings, gives me joy.

As long as I can remember I have been curious about nature. My youth was spent picking peas, day dreaming in the flower garden, and taking country walks with my grandpa. Over time, I began keeping a nature journal. One of my journals from the 70s shows my first use of combining watercolor with pen and ink to illustrate nature.

Today I continue that practice by recording what I see during walks in the 100 acre wood next to my home. When shapes or colors tickle my eye I pause to let the awe of it soak into my memory. When I return to my studio I sketch out that image. On the page I also include a short description of any fascinating observations. The detail in nature thrills me.

I hope my artwork reconnects you with the everyday intrigue that surrounds you. I am looking forward to connecting with you.


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