Connecting Soul to Soul During Tragedy


I turned on the news this morning and I felt my soul cry. A tragic shooting in Texas had happened with many innocent children dead.

When will all this divisiveness and violence in our communities stop?

It is so very important that we reconnect with how valuable each person is to the whole of our communities. To put aside our political, religious, or values driven differences and look each other in the face. I think we really need to think about the value of each human. It’s time for us to gather together, look each other in the eye, and find a common ground of respect.

Start talking to each other. Are we truly invisible to each other? I have been striking up conversations with people that I pass at the grocery market. I am trying to simply show others that I believe in them… that they are of value. At my greeting there is sometimes a startle response from folks. Then they look at me, smile, and reply. It’s a start…a way to help us connect as one big human family.

We also need to be resilient. We can’t let this evil cause us to retreat into our shells. We need to be out there giving, loving and supporting others. We need to find the beauty in moments. This morning I didn’t want to walk with Lucy in the 100-acre woods. I felt as if my feet couldn’t move forward. Yet, I went any way. Morning sun was glistening on snowy branches. Nature’s beauty and God’s gentle love restored my strength.  As I grew stronger I thought about how we can make a positive difference in our hurting communities.

Please reach out to others. Go out and find the beauty in nature. Pray to find ways to show more compassion and understanding. Invite a friend to coffee. Reaching out to others helps ease the pain of this lunacy.

Love will win.

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One comment on “Connecting Soul to Soul During Tragedy
  1. LeeAnn Lehni says:

    Thank you, Pam, for the words of encouragement and wisdom. Your soft soul is so needed.

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