Garden Letters

My garden gives me joy. I paint and write about pet hummingbirds, compost, and dancing carrots.

As long as I can remember I have been curious about nature. My youth was spent picking peas, day dreaming in the flower garden, and taking country walks with my grandpa. Over time, I began keeping a nature journal. One of my journals from the 70s shows my first use of combining watercolor with pen and ink to illustrate nature.

Today I continue that practice by recording what I see during walks in the 100 acre wood next to my home. When shapes or colors tickle my eye I pause to let the awe of it soak into my memory. When I return to my studio I sketch out that image. On the page I also include a short description of any fascinating observations. The detail in nature thrills me.

So…one day when a young person, absorbed in their smart phone, walked right into me, I started wondering if there was a need for us to unplug from technology and reconnect. Wouldn’t everyone love to connect through receiving a hand written letter? How could I share not only my interpersonal connections, but also my connections with nature? That is how the idea of Letters from My Pacific Northwest garden was born.